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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Chapter 7, Bankruptcy, is the most common type of personal Bankruptcy. It is the type of Bankruptcy most people are familiar with. 

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also known as Personal Reorganization Bankruptcy. It is the type of Bankruptcy where you pay back your creditors the amount that your budget will allow, usually interest-free.

Bankruptcy Process

Bankruptcy Protection


Bankruptcy protection refers to the Automatic Stay that kicks in the second that you file bankruptcy. Think of this as an injunction that bars your creditors from taking any collection actions against you. 

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Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law can help you save your house.  The best thing that someone can do to build wealth and provide security is to buy a house.  This not only helps the homeowner but the government and society at large. 

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Debt Collection Defense


Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law is an established, experienced, and trusted Debt Attorney in Oklahoma City, OK. We help individuals get out of debt, improve their credit score, and get a fresh start. Being in debt can affect every other aspect of one’s life negatively.

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Oklahoma City Bankruptcy

Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law handles cases throughout Oklahoma in all three of the Federal Bankruptcy Courts. From Guymon to Idabel, Miami to Altus, we can assist you in this difficult decision. Please call Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law today for a free bankruptcy consultation, either in our office or by telephone – (405) 255-2380

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