Checklist of Bankruptcy Documents


NOTE: Please scan and save documents to a PDF file and email them to or fax a copy to 405-576-3952. 

Income Records: All paystubs/records from the last full 7 months. These items are also needed or your initial consultation. Example: If you are filing in October, we would need March–September. 

Taxes: Last 2 years of tax returns, both state and federal, including all W2/1099 forms. 

Bank Statements: All bank statements for the last full 6 months. 

Example: If you are filing in October, we would need April-September. These can often be found on your bank’s website. Upon receipt, you will need to continue to send them to us upon receipt until your hearing is complete. 

Vehicles: Copies of titles and purchase agreements on all vehicles that bear your name. 

This includes all cars, boats, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, etc., where you are a co-signer or co-owner. 

Pre-Filing Credit Counseling: You may take the required courses at:

1. Take the “First Course” before filing. A certificate must be included when we file your petition. 2. The “Second Course” is required after you have been assigned a case number, prior to discharge. 

Credit Reports: It’s very important that we have up to date information about ALL of your debts. We can order your most recent reports for $38.00 per person (this is the most accurate method to prepare your petition).

Alternately, if you haven’t obtained them within the last 12 months, you can get a copy for free at You would need to then provide us with a PDF file or a printed copy of these documents. We will need all three complete reports, not a summary. 

Other: Copy of your current driver’s license and social security card. 

If you have any questions, please contact my office as follows: 

Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law, P.C.

Marty Martin Direct line: 405-255-2380


Client Review

“Marty Martin has a great work ethic he has helped me through the whole process of my chapter 13 and has given me great advice on all the do and dont do im thankful that he is by my side through the whole thing.”
Barry S
Client Review