Cost and Fees of Bankruptcy

Court Filing Fees

These are the fees charged by the Bankruptcy Court and go to the Bankruptcy Court for the cost of administering your case.

Chapter 7:   $335.00
Chapter 13: $310.00

Attorney Fees:

Attorneys fees can vary widely, even within the same city. My advice is to call around and simply ask how much an attorney charges. I can usually give someone a quote over the phone with just a few simple questions. If an attorney is unable or unwilling to give you a quote over the phone then they might realize that their rates aren’t competitive and don’t want to lose potential clients by blowing them out with there prices over the phone. I am proud of my rates and my service and don’t mind sharing them with anyone that calls me (405) 255-2380 or EMAILS me.

Client Review

“Marty is excellent. Always great at answering all questions I had. Great at keeping his client informed on steps of the process. Would recommend him to anyone going through a similar situation.”
Jerad B.
Client Review