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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the most common questions concerning filing bankruptcy in Oklahoma are answered here, from bankruptcy protection and how to deal with debt collectors, to working with a good lawyer to file a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Yes and no. Technically the answer is yes. However, it will take time for the Court to notify your creditors via mail. Therefore, you will probably still have some calls in the interim. I will provide you with your case number so if they do call you can simply give them the case number and that should do it.

No. A bankruptcy will stop any creditor collection efforts in its tracks. No matter what stage the collections are in you will be immediately protected.

Your case is filed in the District where you have resided or have your domicile (or for a business, its principal place of business) for the greater part of the 180 day period prior to the date your case is filed.  See below to identify the district that you reside in.

Oklahoma bankruptcy filing map

You will have to appear at a meeting of creditors hearing at the bankruptcy court.  The meeting will be held by the trustee who is not a judge but an attorney appointed to administer bankruptcy cases.  The place you will go to court depends on the district that your case is filed in.  For cases in the Northern District, you will attend a hearing in Tulsa.  In the Western District, you may have a hearing in Oklahoma City, Lawton or Enid depending on which location is more convenient to you.  In the Eastern District, you will have your hearing either in Okmulgee or McAlester in most cases.  See district map here for your district.

All unsecured and dischargeable debts are wiped out once your case is discharged (usually 3 to 4 months after filing).

Exemptions are the things that are protected by law. There are Oklahoma Laws that protect certain items from being taken by creditors and the same protections extend to bankruptcy.

No, all your debts must be listed and even if you didn’t list them the creditor would most likely cancel them upon filing anyway.