Bankruptcy Protection Lawyer Elk City, OK

Bankruptcy Protection Lawyer Elk City, OK

Bankruptcy Protection Lawyer Elk City, OK- man in meeting with clientAs you are starting the process of filing for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy protection lawyer Elk City, OK relies on knowing that you may have one big question: who will protect you during this process? The answer? The team at Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law will protect you and your needs throughout this process. We understand that filing for bankruptcy is a big step and you likely feel like you are getting bombarded by so many different groups, including banks, creditors, and more. However, one of the ways that filing for bankruptcy can help you is with the automatic stay. This can help stop creditors in their tracks. 

What happens with the automatic stay? 

When you file for bankruptcy, you will quickly find that an automatic stay goes into place. This is a court order essentially telling anyone who is trying to file a civil lawsuit against you or who is trying to take collection actions against you to stop. While this may not work for every single creditor, agency, or government entity, it should work with most. A trusted Elk City, Oklahoma bankruptcy protection lawyer knows that this may provide you with a very good reason for filing for bankruptcy. Additionally, you may find that it can also help when you risk being evicted from your home or may lose utility services that you have been having a hard time paying for.

Bankruptcy and Wage Garnishments

You may also be wondering if an automatic stay can protect you from wage garnishments. Especially in cases where you are facing multiple garnishments at the same time, you will find that filing for bankruptcy can help protect you against these wage garnishments and help you bring home a full salary. Not only will this allow you to pay off certain debts quicker, but it can also help you to discharge certain qualifying debts. 

Get the Help You Need When It Comes to Bankruptcy Proceedings

Many people who are starting the bankruptcy process find themselves to be embarrassed by needing to do this in the first place. The truth is, the world is not quite so black and white and there are not only two categories of people: those who are good with finances and those who are bad with them. In fact, needing to file for bankruptcy does not mean you must be bad with money. Anyone can get themselves into a situation where bankruptcy is going to be the best option for them. If you find that you are one of these people and you need a helping hand, don’t hesitate any longer. You should be able to move on with your life and start fresh. For more information on how our bankruptcy protection lawyer in Elk City, Oklahoma can help you, reach out to Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law now.