Bankruptcy Protection Lawyer Oklahoma City OK

Bankruptcy Protection Lawyer Oklahoma City OKBankruptcy Protection Law Firm Oklahoma City OK

Why might you need a Bankruptcy Protection Lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK?  When you don’t pay your creditor obligations like medical bills, car loans, cell phone bills, credit card payments etc.  You will probably receive lots of phone calls and letters in the mail at first and then you may not here from the creditor for a long time.  Some people take the absence of phone calls and letters as a sign that the creditor has given up on collecting and that they are safe.

However, it is rare to never have a collection account go away forever.  Typically, the process begins with the original creditor, say the hospital, credit card company, bank etc. aggressively trying to collect with multiple phone calls every day and letters every week.  When it begins to be clear to the original creditor that they aren’t making and headway in getting any payment from you, the will often “write the debt off”.  What this means is they are removing the account from their ledger and will then either sell your obligation to a debt collector or hire a debt collector to try and recoup the money.  This can go on for months or even years.  I often hear clients tell me that they had even forgotten about the debt in question because they hadn’t heard anything about it for years. 

However, almost always you will open the mail one day and find a collection letter from someone collecting on the debt.  There are some tell tail signs to help you figure out how serious these new collection companies are.  First, if the collection company is from out of state, you can usually count on them to not be the ones that will ultimately sue you.  These companies will rattle the cage and try to scare you into setting up payments or pay a percentage of the debt, but these companies can also be scams so I would be very skeptical.  When you start to receive correspondence from a local collection company and ESPECIALLY A LOCAL LAW FIRM it is time to find a Bankruptcy Protection Lawyer Oklahoma City, OK!

As a debt relief agency, a local Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Lawyer like myself and get your case filed within a week and provide bankruptcy protection to stop all collection efforts in its tracks even if a lawsuit and garnishment has already commenced.  However, my advice would be to not wait until you receive a summons from the court.  If you have debts that you haven’t paid, I advise that it is a matter of when, not if, these will come back and haunt you.  The sooner that you address these past debts and move on the sooner you will eliminate your personal stress, family stress and the sooner that your credit score will improve.  Don’t wait until this causes a major disruption in your personal, professional and family live and call me office for a no-charge consultation at Marty Martin Law – your Bankruptcy Protection Lawyer in Oklahoma City.