Can a Foreclosure Be Challenged?



Many people often think that a foreclosure is something set in stone that cannot be fought. This however couldn’t be further from the truth. Each year there are more and more successful foreclosure defense cases that are won. This is due to an abundant amount of different things. It’s important to understand that a foreclosure can indeed be challenged and that numerous people are successful in keeping their homes. Reaching out to a professional or hiring legal counsel may be beneficial if you or someone you know are struggling to keep your home or property from foreclosure. 

How Can a Foreclosure Be Challenged?

There are many different ways that a foreclosure can be challenged. Learning more about the different actions to take is crucial to keeping a home. Such actions that can be followed include challenging the entity that is foreclosing the property. Since the only party or entity that can foreclose the property is the one that produced the loan it’s crucial to first take the step towards ensuring they have the proper paperwork to prove they authorized the loan. Another thing to consider looking into is ensuring that the party who gave out the loan followed local and state protocol. There’s a chance that they may have missed paperwork or not followed rulings in the area. Always make sure that the documented paperwork they are using has all the necessary information and that it is valid. 

Other Ways of Challenging

Other mistakes may have been made by the mortgage company and the way they calculated payments. Issues with this sort of thing have been known to happen. If the person who is facing a foreclosure happens to be a member of the military and is active then they may have the benefit of certain financial protections too. Filing for certain types of bankruptcy may also help protect the home from being foreclosed on. This is because bankruptcy may allow a person in debt to be put on a repayment plan to make monthly payments over a period of time without having to liquidate assets. Always remember that a mortgage company, lender, or even the state may have made an error during the foreclosure process. Be sure to look over all documents and ensure their validity before being forced to lose a home or property. Consider reaching out to a foreclosure lawyer in your area for more assistance and to provide even great detail about options. 

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