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Common Types Of Family Law Cases 

Family Lawyer

Resolving a family legal matter can be incredibly challenging if you are not sure how to move forward with your situation. Making legal decisions that can affect your entire family is not easy to do without professional assistance. A family lawyer like one from has years of legal experience handling cases that cover the practice area of family law. There are many scenarios that a family lawyer can offer you informative and detailed counsel on. If you have a question or need more in-depth assistance regarding a specific situation, you can obtain help from a qualified lawyer and get a case assessment. 


Filing for divorce is not an easy decision, and there are many factors to consider in order to finalize your choice. When you are choosing whether you want to file for divorce or would like to explore other alternatives such as mediation, it is a good idea to consult with a lawyer to get a full sense of your options. They can explain to you how you can protect your legal rights, secure your assets, and prepare the necessary paperwork to finalize your divorce. 


When parents have a child or children together, but are no longer married, a co-parenting agreement must be made. Writing a co-parenting agreement can be a stressful experience, especially if you and your ex do not make mutual decisions together or have a contentious relationship, but a lawyer can help you reach a compromise. It is important that all decisions are made with the best interest of your child or children in mind. A family lawyer can help you form a parenting agreement by reviewing the laws and making recommendations that work for your family. 

Child Custody 

Whether you have joint or sole custody of a child or children, a family lawyer will be able to help you protect your rights as a parent. Determining custody can be challenging, and ultimately the court will decide what is best for your child. However, a family lawyer can review your case and consider legal strategies that can increase the chance of you getting the custody arrangement that you are seeking. 

Child Support

Disputes over child support payments are common legal issues that a family lawyer regularly resolves. If you need help receiving or paying child support, you can turn to a family lawyer for legal advice so that the case can be resolved. They will see how the laws will apply to your case and what actions need to be taken so that a fair agreement for everyone involved can be reached. 

Spousal Support 

Following divorce, spousal support may be necessary, depending on the scenario. In California, both parties are expected to be able to provide for themselves after a certain period of time. However, spousal support payments agreements are not always fair and favor one spouse more than the other. If you have any issues regarding spousal support, a lawyer can make sure that your rights are protected. 

To find out more about legal assistance that you can receive regarding a family law case, speak with a trusted family lawyer right away.