Contested Divorce Lawyer Alameda County, CA

Contested Divorce Lawyer Alameda County, CA Contested Divorce Lawyer Alameda County, CA

As a contested divorce lawyer in Alameda County, CA from Marty Marti knows, separation and divorce can wreak havoc on your life. Many factors need addressing, and the divvying up of property, money, debt and time with children can take a real toll on a person. Two of the hotbed topics of divorce are support payments, namely spousal support (or alimony) and child support. When you are dealing with the end of a marriage, knowing how to get the financial support from your ex is essential.

Spousal Support

As your CA contested divorce lawyer in Alameda County can explain, you may qualify for alimony for a few reasons. While each state may have its own rules, and it’s important you know what they are, there are a few standards for qualification:

The length of the marriage. The time you and your spouse were married is crucial in determining eligibility. In some states it may be set, (usually more than 10 years) and in others, it may be based on the court’s understanding of your relationship. When a couple lives together for years before getting married, a court may take that common law time into account.

Contribution to the marriage. One of the most common reasons a person files for an award of alimony is they have not worked outside of the home. Not having a job means that a person doesn’t have a reliable income and cannot support themselves independently, at least not at first. This happens mostly when one spouse stays home to care for children. In doing so, the stay-at-home spouse has made a sacrifice of professional advancement in favor of familial obligations. A court may place more weight on this decision when awarding support.

Child support. If you receive or will receive child support for any minor children you and your spouse have in common, the court may consider this in the calculation of alimony.

Child Support

When it comes to getting child support, as long as you have children, you qualify. There is nothing that says you had to be married first before qualifying. Therefore, if you were in a relationship with someone, no matter how brief and you have a child, you can file for child support. Check into the proper procedure in your family court jurisdiction for the exact steps necessary when filing. Know that you have to be prepared to:

  • Prove you are the legal custodial parent
  • Furnish proof that the other person is the biological parent
  • Provide the court with the other person’s address, place of business, etc.

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Seeking financial support from an ex for yourself and your children is worth considering. If you are overwhelmed by the prospect, a qualified and reputable contested divorce lawyer from Alameda County, California from Marty Martin can guide you through the process.