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As a debt management lawyer Oklahoma City, OK residents trust from Marty Martin Law knows, there are plenty of ads online for debt relief services. These advertisements claim to provide solutions to your problems, but never fully explain how it works. In truth, every person has a unique financial situation and may need a more personalized approach to obtain debt relief. Before deciding to commit to a debt management plan, we suggest speaking with a reputable professional who has your best of interest in mind. 

When speaking with a member of our legal team, we may ask a few questions to better understand your debts and then determine what options are available to you. 

Is Paying Back Debts Within Your Current Means?

If you can pay back your debts, then a management plan may work well for you. Under a management plan, you may receive a lowered interest rate and only have to submit one payment each month. Additionally, you will have to pay fees to the debt management company on top of the monthly debt payments. Those with serious debt issues that vastly outweigh earnings may want to consider speaking with a lawyer that is familiar with debt management for more personalized solutions.

Are You Open to a Debt Settlement?

If a debt management plan does not work for you, then with help from an OK debt management lawyer in Oklahoma City, we may be able to negotiate a debt settlement instead. This can be a great alternative to bankruptcy, where you don’t have to pay the entire amount of your debt back. What we can do is negotiate a payoff amount with each of your creditors. The focus during these negotiations will be to reduce the payoff amount to a fraction of your total balance.

Is Self-Management a Struggle?

As your debt lawyers, we are not here to judge you. We want the best for you and your future, and take your financial struggles seriously. It is our job to lay the foundation for you so that you can work towards paying off debts. We may encourage you to consider some self-management and spending habits. If you participate in a debt management plan, you cannot miss a single payment or pay less than what was agreed upon.

Let’s say you have a late payment or are short, your creditor can cancel you out of the program and demand the total amount of your debts. We understand that many people get into this predicament because they had trouble making payments to begin with, so they end up getting dropped out of a debt management program because of a stricter schedule. 

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