Debt Restructuring Attorney Oklahoma City, OK

Debt Restructuring Attorney Oklahoma City, OK

Debt Restructuring Attorney Oklahoma City, OKA debt restructuring attorney trusted in Oklahoma City, OK knows that bankruptcy is not an easy process to go through for people overwhelmed with their financial struggles. If you’ve exhausted your options, bankruptcy may be the only way for you to better your situation. Though many people who file for bankruptcy face disadvantages at first, they also experience positive results and improve their financial health over time. Fortunately, if you are considering bankruptcy you don’t need to do it on your own. Obtaining the help of a bankruptcy lawyer greatly simplifies the work involved, helping to alleviate stress and giving you peace of mind. Contact a top attorney from the Law Offices of Marty D. Martin to discuss possible solutions for managing your debt. 

Debt Restructuring Attorney in Oklahoma City, OK

With their decades of legal experience achieving successful results for clients, the attorneys at Mary Martin Bankruptcy Law have helped many people on their path to financial recovery and freedom. They understand that bankruptcy can be a challenging ordeal, and they are more than happy to help you. 

What Bankruptcy Can Do For You

If you are currently having issues with paying off debt or would like to find out how you can reorganize your debt, bankruptcy may be the right solution. If you have many types of debt and keep missing payments on them, bankruptcy can eliminate them. Most individuals commonly file for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. They offer different solutions, so talk to a lawyer to see which type is best for you. 

Here are some common reasons why bankruptcy can benefit you: 

  • Get rid of certain types of debt. Categories of unsecured debt that bankruptcy eliminates includes medical bills, credit card debt, utility bills, and personal loans. However, there are kinds of debt that bankruptcy cannot discharge, such as student loans and tax debt. 
  • Rebuild your credit score. Rebuilding your credit after filing for bankruptcy will take a lot of time and patience, but if you do the right steps you will notice an improvement fairly quickly. 
  • Prevent a foreclosure or eviction. The court will issue an automatic stay which temporarily halts the process of eviction, repossession or mortgage foreclosure. 
  • Learn strategies for money management. When you file for bankruptcy, you must take a credit counseling course where you learn tips for budgeting and other financial planning strategies.

Things to Consider Before Filing

A skilled debt restructuring attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma encourages you to think about both the short-term and long-term effects bankruptcy can have on your financial situation before deciding if it is the most sensible solution. The time it takes for your debt to get eliminated depends on what type of bankruptcy you file for, so it’s important not to rush the decision and seek legal counsel. 

Legal Assistance is Available

With the help of an experienced lawyer, you can go through the challenges of bankruptcy with confidence and ease. Schedule a free consultation with a debt restructuring attorney in Oklahoma City, OK to explore your best legal options and learn more about the bankruptcy process.