Discharging Tax Debts in Bankruptcy Oklahoma City OK

Discharging Tax Debts in Bankruptcy Oklahoma City OK Discharging Tax Debts in Bankruptcy Oklahoma City OK

At Marty Martin, our team has helped people with issues such as discharging tax debts with bankruptcy in Oklahoma City, OK for many years. We understand that being sued by a creditor or opening frequent IRS letters can be a scary situation. Maybe you know you got yourself into this sticky situation, and know you should pay it back, but just don’t have a way to do that. When the creditor comes at you with a lawsuit, it could induce panic. Perhaps for the best chance at settling with a fair outcome for everyone, you should turn to a debt collections lawyer.

Finding a Lawyer

Facing debt collections is a serious issue so you should only hire a qualified lawyer. How do you do that? 

  • Speak with another lawyer. If you already have a relationship with another lawyer, but that lawyer doesn’t deal with debt collections, you can ask him or her for a debt collection or bankruptcy lawyer referral. 
  • Ask a friend or family member. You might have a friend or family member who has faced a similar situation. If he or she has a recommendation for a lawyer, and you trust the judgment of that particular friend, you could find the lawyer you’re looking for that way.
  • Check the state bar association. Checking with the state bar association will give you a list of qualified lawyers, but you’ll still want to speak with each to determine whether he or she is a good fit for your situation.

The legal team at Marty Martin is ready and qualified to assist you in your debt collection needs. All you have to do is call today to learn more about discharging Oaklahoma City, OK tax debts with bankruptcy.

Understanding the Process

Every debt collection case is unique to the individual facing the lawsuit. Bankruptcy lawyers have experience dealing with situations just like yours, however, even if it’s not exactly the same. Your lawyer can help you to understand the process. First, you’ll typically meet with the lawyer to go over the specifics of your case. During this meeting, you should provide your lawyer with any documents or paperwork that relates to the debt, as well as correspondence from the creditor.

Second, you may discuss with your lawyer any other debts you have, as well as information regarding your financial situation overall. It’s possible your attorney will realize the situation is worse than the original assumption, and you might be facing debt settlement or bankruptcy.

Finally, the lawyer will help you put together a defense and negotiate with the creditor. Some creditors are willing to take a smaller payment for the debt just to settle it without further complications. Others will require payment in full, plus interest. If you end up in bankruptcy, you might not have to pay off any debts, but that depends on the type of bankruptcy.

Contacting a Lawyer

Each debt collection and tax case is unique, so it’s important you have an experienced lawyer by your side. Contact a lawyer about discharging OK tax debts with bankruptcy in Oklahoma City from Marty Martin today.