El Reno Foreclosure Lawyer

Foreclosure Lawyer In El Reno, OK

Foreclosure Lawyer Reno, OKIf you are facing foreclosure, it is in your best interest to consult a foreclosure lawyer in El Reno, OK. A foreclosure can be a complex and overwhelming process, so it is wise to have someone knowledgeable and experienced on your side. A lawyer can give you valuable advice and protect your legal rights.

Common Foreclosure Defenses

Many people who receive a foreclosure notice assume that they can’t do anything to stop the process. The good news is that this isn’t true. Here are some common defenses for foreclosure:

  • The lender failed to follow state procedures.

Lenders are required to follow specific procedures for foreclosures. For example, in Oklahoma, lenders are required to send breach letters to let borrowers know that they’re behind in their mortgage payments. If the lender fails to send this letter, you may be able to challenge the foreclosure in court. 

  • The lender made a big mistake.

Believe it or not, mortgage lenders sometimes make mistakes. Errors may include crediting your payment to the wrong party, overstating the amount you have to make on your mortgage payments and charging excessive fees. If you can prove that your mortgage lender made a serious mistake, you may be able to successfully fight a foreclosure.

  • The lender can’t prove it owns the loan.

In order to successfully foreclose on a property, the lender has to prove that it owns the loan. Sometimes the debt may get sold to various banks and investors.

  • You’re on active military duty.

Individuals on active military duty have special protections from foreclosure.

Challenging A Foreclosure

If you believe you have a good defense against foreclosure, you should speak to a foreclosure lawyer in El Reno, OK as soon as possible. He or she will review your case and determine if any defenses apply to your circumstances. It is important to have a lawyer represent you in mediation because the bank will be represented by a lawyer.

During your initial consultation, your lawyer will likely ask you many questions, such as how late you are on your mortgage and whether or not your lender sent you any notices. It is important to answer each question honestly and with as many details as possible. 

If your home is being foreclosed on, you should schedule a meeting with a foreclosure lawyer in El Reno, OK. To learn more call Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law today!