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Garnishment Lawyer El Reno, OK

Garnishment Lawyer El Reno, OK -Businessman or lawyer accountant working financial investment onIf you have been informed that your wages are either being garnished or may be garnished if you don’t pay an overdue balance, it is time to speak with a trusted El Reno, OK garnishment lawyer about your options. You work hard for your paycheck and it’s important to protect your wages from seizure as a result of unpaid debt. The experienced legal team at Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law understands the nuanced nature of garnishment actions and we’re here to help.

Garnishment: The Basics

Most of the time, garnishment serves as a means to enforce a judgment against a debtor. Essentially, when a consumer fails to pay a debt, a creditor can file a lawsuit against that consumer. If the consumer fails to respond to the lawsuit, the creditor will win it by default. This is referred to as obtaining a “default judgment” in favor of the creditor. If the consumer fights the lawsuit and loses, the creditor may also secure a judgment in their favor.

If a judgment is secured in favor of a creditor, they may seek to secure the funds they’re owed by garnishing the consumer’s wages. Garnishment is a process subject to limitations imposed by state law. Meaning, creditors can’t simply garnish a consumer’s wages without a judgment and they can’t simply take as much of a debtor’s wages as they please.

Responding to a Garnishment Risk or Garnishment Action

Sometimes individuals contact our El Reno garnishment lawyer team because their wages are being garnished by mistake. They either weren’t informed of the lawsuit filed against them, they didn’t owe the debt in question, or the debt in question had already been sufficiently addressed. Under these circumstances, our team knows how to respond to wrongful garnishment to halt such action.

Some consumers also contact our team when they’re at risk of having their wages garnished and they want to address the situation proactively. Our team can negotiate on behalf of debtors so that one or two past accounts don’t result in garnishment actions.

Finally, debtors often contact us when their wages are being rightfully garnished and they want this action to stop. Under these circumstances, we often help individuals to file for bankruptcy or to embrace a bankruptcy alternative that allows them to meet their goals.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If your wages are being garnished or you’re at risk of having your wages garnished, don’t assume that there is nothing to be done. Schedule a risk-free consultation with the experienced legal team at Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law to better understand the nuances of your rights and options under the law. That way, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions about your situation.

Depending on the nature of the circumstances that you’re facing, a savvy El Reno garnishment lawyer at our firm could potentially help you to end your garnishment/garnishment risk and to place your finances on far firmer ground. We look forward to speaking with you.