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Our team at Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law understands the significance of putting a halt to wage garnishment and being able to restore your financial peace of mind. The process of stopping a wage garnishment can seem daunting, but you don’t have to go through this alone. Our Enid, OK garnishment lawyer is ready to provide you with legal guidance and strategy when dealing with a wage garnishment issue. We are experienced in helping people just like you who need effective ways to stop a garnishment and regain their financial stability. Please let us be your allies in halting wage garnishment in the state of Oklahoma. Reach out to us today so we can learn more about your situation and then offer advice on what to do next. 

About Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment is the process through which a person’s earnings is legally withheld by their employer and sent to a creditor for a debt owed. This process usually happens as a result of a court order or legal action taken by a creditor. Wage garnishments is a method of collecting unpaid debts, such as outstanding loans, child support, taxes, alimony, or court ordered judgments. The steps involved with initiating a wage garnishment include the creditor taking legal action, obtaining a judgment, notifying the debtor, calculating the garnishment amount, employer compliance, and then payment to the creditor. However, there are certain types of income that are safeguarded from garnishment in the state of Oklahoma, such as unemployment compensation, Social Security benefits, and some types of pensions. Wage garnishment for spousal support, tax sets, and child support can still occur. Debtors have the right to object to a wage garnishment or they can request a hearing if they suspect that a garnishment amount is not correct or if they have reasons for contesting this action. After the debt is fully paid off or resolved, the garnishment is terminated. The debtor will receive a notice after the garnishment has been completed. Wage garnishments can take people by surprise, and add more financial turmoil than they were already going through before. If you need help dealing with wage garnishment, then now is the time to speak to our dedicated garnishment attorney. Let us find a solution for you. 

Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law

Wage garnishment can cause further financial hardship than what the debtor was dealing with before. If someone is unable to pay debts, then removing a portion of their earnings to amend debts can make their life even more challenging. It may seem like you just can’t keep up with the constant demands of outstanding dues. Please contact our OK garnishment attorney today to learn more about your options in fighting a wage garnishment. Our team at Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law is ready with compassion and strategy to help you at this difficult time. Don’t hesitate to reach out today for the guidance you need. We hope to speak with you.