Foreclosure Lawyer Edmond, OK

Foreclosure Lawyer in Edmond, OK


Foreclosure Lawyer Edmond, OKIf your lender has threatened foreclosure, it is important to speak to a foreclosure lawyer in Edmond, OK promptly. A foreclosure can be a confusing and nerve-wracking process to deal with. A lawyer can inform you of your options and protect your legal rights.

Common Myths About Foreclosure

If you have not paid your mortgage in several months, your lender may have begun the foreclosure process. Foreclosure can be scary for any homeowner, and it is important to get the facts straight. Here are some common myths about foreclosure that you shouldn’t believe.

  • Once the foreclosure process begins, your home can’t be saved. Many homeowners assume there is nothing they can do after their lender has started the foreclosure process. Fortunately, this is not true. Foreclosure takes many months in court to complete, so there is plenty of time to stop it. You can request mediation and try to save your home. Although the mediation process can be long, it may be able to help you save your house.
  • You can refinance to prevent foreclosure. Some people think that they can refinance their homes to save them from foreclosure. However, banks rarely agree to refinancing in foreclosures. Even if your lender told you that they would refinance in the past, it is not a guarantee. 
  • You don’t need a lawyer. If you want to save your home from foreclosure, you will have to go to mediation. However, mediation can be an intimidating process. The bank will have their own lawyer and you might freeze up and not know what to say. That is why it is essential to have a skilled foreclosure lawyer in Edmond, OK on your side. He or she knows what to expect from mediation and will fight hard to save your home.
  • The bank wants your home. This is another big myth. The bank actually does not want your house at all because they will lose money during a foreclosure. 
  • Foreclosures always result from financial irresponsibility. Unfortunately, it’s frequently assumed that people can’t pay their mortgages because they’ve made bad financial decisions. While that’s sometimes the case, there’s usually a lot more to the story. People may lose their jobs or get ill suddenly and have trouble paying their mortgages.


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