Garnishment Lawyer Oklahoma City OK

Garnishment Lawyer Oklahoma City OKGarnishment Law Firm Oklahoma City, OK

At Marty Martin Law, we can assist you and put an automatic stop to your garnishments.  One of the most unwelcome things that can happen to someone is to open the envelope on their paycheck and see that up to 25% of their income has been taken without any warning.  What is worse is checking your bank account balance to find that all of funds of your recently deposited paycheck are completely gone.  While the initial reaction is to panic, your next move should be contacting a garnishment lawyer in Oklahoma City like Marty Martin Law.

A garnishment happens when a creditor obtains a judgment from a lawsuit.  Often times, the lawsuit isn’t even known to the person and very seldom does the person get any advanced warning that it is coming.  The bad thing is once the garnishment starts, usually nothing can be done to get back the money that has been taken.  The good news is I can stop them from taking anything more by filing a bankruptcy on your behalf. 

Under Okahoma Law, a creditor can take up to 25% of your earnings through a garnishment served upon your employer.  However, the 25% rule does not apply if the creditor reaches into your bank account – they can take it all.  That is why you must call a Garnishment Lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK like Marty Martin Law upon first learning of a lawsuit and actually upon first defaulting on any debt.  With enough notice, I will be able to hold off all garnishments and eliminate the awful feeling of losing 25% or more of your badly needed income or savings. 

The process of fling a bankruptcy to stop a garnishment is easy and straight forward.  I will need you to provide me with documents such as 7 months of income statements, 3 months of bank statements and 2 years of tax returns.  Once I receive these documents it will take approximately a week to get your case filed and receive the protection from any garnishments.  You will receive a case number upon filing, and you will need to immediately provide this case number to your employer so that they can stop the garnishment.  You will also need to communicate with your garnishment lawyer Oklahoma City OK if there were any funds taken after the filing of the bankruptcy.  The notice of the bankruptcy can be delayed for a couple of days which could lead to a garnishment being taken out of your check before the bankruptcy but because payroll processing happens a few days before then, your employer may not have had time to stop the garnishment.  Don’t worry though, you will get this money back in time although if could take a week or so.  Please call Marty Martin Law, we would love to be your garnishment lawyer in Oklahoma City OK.