Loan Modification lawyer Oklahoma City, OK

At Marty Martin Law, a Loan Modification lawyer Oklahoma City, OK residents trust can be depended on for quality legal services during a time of strife. We understand that financial hardships can cause immense stress on a person and his or her family. Life comes along with many bills, and sometimes you may feel as though money is being spread thin. It can help to look into loan modification with support from a knowledgeable lawyer, such as those from Marty Martin Law.

You have every right to submit an application for loan modification. Some people may decide to do this on their own, however, the legal jargon can quickly become confusing. Our team is ready to answer questions, ensure that your application is completed and correct, so that it yields the best results possible. 

Mortgage Modifications

For those who aren’t familiar with loan modification, what this process entails is a restructuring of your mortgage rates where the lender alters one or more terms so it is more affordable. With the modification, a lender may agree to enact one or more of these terms regarding the monthly payment:

  • Convert to a fixed interest rate from a variable interest rate
  • Elongate the loan term length
  • Cease some of the principle balance
  • Lower the interest rate

To be eligible for a modification, you have to send in an application to the servicer in addition to specific documents, such as bank statements and pay stubs. If you are interested in learning more about loan modification and whether it could benefit you, please consider calling Marty Martin Law to speak with a foreclosure lawyer Oklahoma City, OK families trust today. 

When to Get Legal Help

As we said above, you may not need a lawyer to help you through the process of a loan modification. But, there are many ways that having a legal professional can prove beneficial to your application. If you aren’t sure whether your situation constitutes a loan modification, we offer brief free consultations for those who are new to our law office. If you are not sure what to do next, and are possibly facing foreclosure, please contact us right away for immediate support.

Based on the consultation and your circumstances, a lawyer from Marty Martin may suggest:

  • Fighting a home foreclosure in court
  • Taking the next steps in applying for a mortgage modification 
  • Giving up your property in a deed or short sale in lieu of foreclosure

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If you need assistance for a loan modification, please do not carry the burden of this stress on your own. There are professionals who are seasoned in handling cases like this and can take some of the weight off your shoulders. Call Marty Martin Law today to book your no-obligation, free consultation with a Loan Modification lawyer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.