Oklahoma City Debt Collection Attorney

Oklahoma City Debt Collection Attorney Oklahoma City Debt Collection Attorney

If you are struggling to repay your debt, or are being harassed by creditors, call an Oklahoma City debt collection attorney from Marty Martin Law now. 

Knowing Your Rights

Debt can be a very difficult situation, and repaying it might feel impossible. This can result in miscommunication or failure to communicate with creditors. It might also lead to creditors venting their frustrations out on you in a way that violates your rights.

Even though you might owe a debt, you do not deserve to be mistreated by creditors. You have rights. When it comes to debt collection, or being contacted by creditors, there are things that are not only unacceptable, they are illegal. 

Who Exactly is the Debt Collector?

Contrary to what you might think, the entity you owe money to is almost certainly not the entity who will be collecting the money. Most creditors will employ another company to collect their debts. These collectors could be a debt collection agency or debt collection attorney in Oklahoma City. 

How Are You Protected?

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, there are very strict federal guidelines for how debt can contact the debtor and collect their money. Debt collectors are not allowed to:

Make Threats – At no time can a debt collector threaten a debtor. This threat is not limited to physical acts of violence, but also includes threats to garnish wages, add interest or fees to the debt, take their assets, or send them to prison. If you are being threatened by collectors, call Marty Martin, a leading debt attorney Oklahoma, OK respects. 

Harassment – A debt collector is not allowed to call the debtor throughout the day, at night, or use insulting, accusatory language. 

Lying to the Debtor – A debt collector must be open and honest about who they are. They cannot deny they are calling about debt, and are unable to be deceptive about the debt that is owed to you. 

How Often Can the Debt Collector Call You?

Under federal laws, debt collectors can call, mail, text, or email you between 8 AM and  9 PM. They cannot call you at work unless you give your consent. 

In addition to these strict rules, a debt collector cannot use robocalls. These are calls created automatically and sent out at scheduled times. If the call is recorded, it is likely a robocall. If a company is using an autodialer, and does not follow special rules that apply, it may be possible to file a lawsuit. Our Oklahoma City debt collection attorneys should be contacted as soon as possible. 

Stop Debt Collectors From Contacting You

Every situation is inherently unique. If you want the debt collector to stop contacting you, you might need to send a formal letter that states they must cease all contact. You should talk with a lawyer about what is going on and whether you have any legal options. 

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