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Bankruptcy Attorney Watonga, OK

Bankruptcy-Attorney-Watonga-OK-credit-cards-and-coins-.jpegBankruptcy laws allow for individuals and businesses to get help if they have more debts than they are able to pay, and may be the reason that a
bankruptcy attorney Watonga, OK residents trust at Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law is sought for assistance. Bankruptcy laws can offer a fresh start through creating a repayment plan or liquidating assets. There are many potential resources that people can use to help them get back on track with their finances, but bankruptcy can be what ultimately makes the biggest difference. There are six different bankruptcy chapters, and it will be important that you file for the most suitable one based on your situation.

There are alternatives to filing for bankruptcy, such as consolidating your loans, negotiating with creditors, credit counseling, and defending an action brought against you. Negotiation can help if you reach out to your creditors and let them know about your situation. Sometimes, creditors are willing to work with debtors because they would rather get some form of payment than none at all. It will also take more effort on their part to take action against you, further delaying their ability to get payment. Surprisingly, many people forget that by simply reaching out to a creditor, you are showing that you are being accountable for the debt and doing your best. Not all creditors are going to be open to negotiating with you, however, it may be worth a try. 

A consolidation loan enables a debtor to have one large loan, instead of many different accounts. A consolidation loan can help a person pay their debts slowly over a longer duration of time. An interest rate can be negotiated and may prove to be more beneficial compared to trying to manage several smaller loans. Many people find that by having a consolidation loan, they are able to meet their minimum payments better and feel like this arrangement suits their needs too.

It’s worth mentioning that credit counseling can be useful if the debtor doesn’t have the best spending habits and has contributed to their financial problems. Credit counseling focuses on reviewing that person’s financial obligations and then negotiating with creditors for repayment of bills on a scheduled basis that the debtor can manage reasonably. As your Watonga bankruptcy attorney can explain, credit counseling agencies do not lend money, they just distribute the debtors money to creditors for them. 

If the debtor chooses to file for bankruptcy, they must decide if they will be filing for bankruptcy as a partnership, individual, or company. There are six bankruptcy chapters to choose from, each with their own use. It is imperative that debtors understand the nuanced differences between these bankruptcy chapters so that they are fully aware of what it means to file for bankruptcy and the pros and cons that they will experience. 

For information about filing for bankruptcy, call a Watonga bankruptcy attorney from Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law today for guidance.