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Why Waiting to File Bankruptcy Makes Things Worse

In my practice, I see one commonality among the people that come and see me about filing a bankruptcy – they should have come to see me a long time ago.  I see many well-intentioned people who have let their debts consume them while doing everything they can do to dig out of their financial coffin or just burying their head in the sand.  It is very common for people to hand me a lawsuit that they had just received the first thing when they walk into my conference room.  By this time, they usually only have 2 to 3 weeks to file a bankruptcy before they get a judgment on the lawsuit which will follow them on their credit report for quite a number of years.  It doesn’t have to be like that.

I realize that the thought of bankruptcy is not a rosy and comfortable thought.  However, often times, bankruptcy is the very best medicine.  Through a bankruptcy, you can eliminate repossessions, charge-offs, credit card debt, medical bills, old tax debt and many other types of debt.  But just as importantly, you can stop the creditor harassment once and for all.  You can stop the phone calls, the threatening letters, the garnishments once and for all.

Also, the sooner you file a bankruptcy, the sooner you are on the path to a better credit score.  Most people think that their credit score will be destroyed by filing a bankruptcy.  What they don’t realize is that the thing that is killing their credit score is their current past due debt that is reporting negatively each month to the credit reporting agencies.  This is going to continue indefinitely and you will have no hope of even beginning to recover from this until you either pay all the debt off in full (which can be impossible with the creditor continuing to add interest to the debt) or until you file a bankruptcy.  The second that you file your bankruptcy, your creditors can no longer legally report any negative information about you.  Since you are no longer getting hit each month with the negative reporting, your credit score will naturally improve with time.  To give your credit score a boost, I offer post-bankruptcy credit repair programs which are designed to get your score to at least 720 in the shortest amount of time possible – often within a year.

I would bet 99% of the people that are even considering a bankruptcy need a bankruptcy.  They just may not realize it yet.  So call The Law Offices of Marty D. Martin and come and see us before you have an emergency on your hands.  Your credit will improve far faster if you can avoid a future judgment. (405) 255-2380 or