Repossession - Wooden gavel and car keys


Bankruptcy Lawyer If you receive warnings of possible repossession or your car has already been repossessed, continue reading. Repossession law can be complex and varies in different states. If your car has already been repossessed you may have only a small time frame to act and should immediately contact a bankruptcy lawyer you trust to …

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Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury lawyer is a type of civil litigator who provides legal representation to plaintiffs who are suing for compensation after being injured in an accident. The most common types of personal injury lawyers from Hurwitz, Whitcher & Molloy, LLP represent victims of car accidents, medical malpractice, and workplace injuries. Other types of cases …

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IRS Business Audit

IRS Business Audit If you received a business audit letter from the IRS in the mail, chances are you probably experienced a rush of stress and anxiety. It’s only understandable that getting any kind of notice from the IRS is enough to ruin someone’s day. Depending on the situation, the IRS may request more documentation …

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