During The Bankruptcy Process

Preparing For a Bankruptcy Filing Bankruptcy can be a useful resource for those who need to get out of severe financial hardship and begin on a new path to a fresh financial start. Whether you are considering filing for bankruptcy because of credit card use, medical bills, or other debts, it’s important to prepare beforehand

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Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy is something that should be taken seriously, as there are severe consequences to it going unresolved. Bankruptcy is defined as one lacking the necessary finances to pay off a debt.  This mainly relates to businesses and companies, where because of bankruptcy, one has to close their business, if a specific amount of debt is

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IRS Business Audit

IRS Business Audit If you received a business audit letter from the IRS in the mail, chances are you probably experienced a rush of stress and anxiety. It’s only understandable that getting any kind of notice from the IRS is enough to ruin someone’s day. Depending on the situation, the IRS may request more documentation

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